Wordless Wednesday ~ March 30th


  1. What a colorful guy! Happy WW.

  2. I see a lot of people I know from Utah with pictures like these. What was the event? Is that chalk? Looks like fun! I love Logan’s pose, Uncle Brian would be proud. hehe:)

  3. It looked like every college and high school student in Utah, was at the festival of colors this weekend, in Spanish Fork. This is Logan “after” he cleaned himself off! lol ( but when he wiped down the inside of his car before going to work, he forgot his seat belt and had a pink and purple stripe across his white dress shirt ). lol And yes, it’s chalk! They sold over 120,000 bags of chalk to the students and families that went. There were colorful people everywhere!! =)

  4. i love the colors!

  5. Oh my!! He even has paint in his ears!!

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  7. I think he had a good time!!!

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  8. Festival of colors! Fun, did it wash out of his hair? Hugs

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  13. i am surprised you have Holi festival in utah. are there many people from india there?

    • Nope… not many at all! My son only saw the 4 men who maintain the grounds there. But I’m sure it’s hard to tell with so many colorful people there. =)

  14. Awesome photos, beautiful website.


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  20. Wow! That must have been some event! Looks like he had a lot of fun.

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