Wild Wonders

Yesterday, a bunch of us from the neighborhood took the kids to see an animal show @ Wild Wonders. It was so fun! And the instructor was amazing with both the kids and the animals!  And of course, I took a ton of pictures!  Here are my favs:

Here is the fun stage. Animals are actually hidden everywhere in it!

It was funny to see the older boys sit front and center. Think they were excited?  lol

First out to visit were all the lizards and a corn snake named Scoot!

Next up were the Sugar Gliders! They were soooo cute! And Taylor got to hold the baby and take it around for everyone to pet. I may have gone over-board on their pictures, but Taylor wanted all of them together!

Every once in a while we could hear a bird mimicking us, but we couldn’t see anything. From behind the tree, our instructor comes walking out with Cocoa! She was hilarious! She loved to say “Hi Cocoa” and bop her head up and down to answer questions.  When we first saw her I was wondering if she was an injured rescue bird, but it turns out she just has a condition that keeps her from growing feathers on her tummy and under-side.  And she LOVES boys. She even gives them hugs. lol

Our next guests were furry. This huge bunny was awesome! I’m impressed the boys could hold her!  And there was also an Angora bunny. So fluffy and pretty! Not to be mistaken for the skunk…

Last but not least was baby Maverick and his 86 pound mama. This picture of Taylor holding Maverick is my favorite!

We wrapped up the day with these two having a staring contest.

Baby Maverick – 1  /  Mason – 0


  1. Stunning photos, Dawn! Love all the cute animals and interactions with the kids…..looks like tons of fun!

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