Water Dance

Have you ever wondered how your child could still be thirsty after spending so much time at the drinking fountain, the front of them is soaked, and they weren’t even playing in the water? lol  I was standing behind the tree next to him so he didn’t see me taking pictures. But now, I totally get it!

Here is attempt #1: It hits his upper lip, but he’s not really getting much. ( I love how the water looks in this series! )

Attempt #2: He stops to turn his hat around and tries again.  It shoots straight up his nose, then goes to the right side of his mouth so he turns it down and it hits the left side of his mouth.

Attempt #3: He stops and says to himself, “One more try.” At this point I’m trying really hard not to let him hear me laugh. lol

But he finally got it!

Then lost it for a second…

And he got it again… His shirt is soaked! 🙂

I’m hooking up with Barefoot Five’s, Touch the Earth!


  1. Haha, love this!!!!

  2. Very cute post…it made me chuckle too!! Great pictures too…you got perfect shops for this post!!!

  3. Very Nice! Love the way the water looks and the beautiful green background! Pretty cute lil taylor!

  4. Magical and absolutely GORGEOUS!!

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