Valentine’s Day! ~ WW

For Valentines Day this year, I decided to get creative! For the 100th day of school I kept seeing lollipop trees! And since I always get the boys Tootsie Pops to hand out for Valentines Day, I thought I would give it a whirl for Lances gift. All of the boys pitched in. Logan cut the wood and foam, and I helped the other 3 with the rest. ( note: the painted box we already had with empty CD cases in it.  I’m all for re-purposing! )  Then this morning, I made brownies for Lance to nibble on at work. But I didn’t take a photo of those since You already saw the last batch.  😉

So here’s the “tree” minus the tootsie pops that the boys have already eaten…

Then while Lance was at work, I made this for his “e-card” made with Red Hot Valentine by Dancing Princess Designs.


  1. What a sweet card! Love the lollipop tree idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if they just grew on trees, though? lol

  2. This is the first lollipop tree I’ve seen. What a great idea. I happen to be a big fan of tootsie pops so this one is a winner in my books!

  3. cute!

  4. Aww. So fun and cute idea.

  5. Endearing card, cute! Love the tree as well.:) Happy Valentines!

  6. colleen says:

    following back via networked blogs, thanks for stopping by CRichmanFreebies

  7. colleen says:

    thanks for stopping by CRichmanFreebies, following back via networked blogs

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