Summer fun!

I have to admit, I’m really missing the ocean right now. So we are spending a lot of time at the reservoir! lol.  It’s the closest thing we to a beach! In these first photos, Taylor’s expressions have been cracking me up!  He said he is trying to make “new faces.”  The photo on the top right is actually his “angry face,” with a smile. lol.  And in the top left, you would have thought they were making real snow cones the way his tongue is sticking out.  🙂

Sam had talked Gina into letting them fish, so the boys grabbed the gear and took off to the cement sides! Unfortunately, they were quick to tangle the kiddie pole.  The water this week was cooler than normal, and you can tell looking at Masons lips. They were purple.

I’m hooking up with Alicia, Kristi and Rebecca for their Summer finale!


  1. Well, it may not be the ocean but it looks refreshing and like tons of fun! Great collages! And btw, I really loved your water dancing pics too! Awesome captures. Thanks so much for linking to our Summer Daze Finale!

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