Stalkers… WW

Have you ever gone somewhere, and you can’t shake this creeping feeling that you’re being followed? Like something is just lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment? And you start to hear things… like a cackle and belly laugh? And you wonder, what could possibly be hiding around the corner, that thinks stalking us is so funny?  Taylor and I peek around the corner and it’s the ring-leader with his gang, heading straight for us…

One of his henchmen:

The leader himself, giving us the evil eye, trying to make us bend to his will…

Armed only with a stick and some old crusty bread, we do what any reasonable person would do… we made a break for higher ground!

But look! He’s called in re-inforcements! They’ve spotted our treasure! ( I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see a flock of geese land next to us! )

After a huge battle, fought valiantly by Taylor, we came to a truce. We agreed to share the treasure in exchange for being in their territory. Swords were laid down, and tensions were eased.

And this is how the story was unfolding for Taylor, while we were at the park. I love his imagination!


  1. Super cute! Fantastic captures! Love your story too!

  2. Stalkers… lol. Love it. Beautiful captures. Always love stopping by here.

  3. Geese creep me out. But, your photos are amazing!

  4. So funny and nice pictures, ducks are cute.
    Marit, Norway

    I have used a translator so there may be some strange words.

  5. So fun, we can communicate with the translator.
    I like it.

    Hug from Marit, Norway (hug klem)
    There is certainly something strange here but I use the oversttere

  6. OMGosh, that’s so funny & they’re gorgeous! What an escape ya’ll made… I love the ring-leader… think he has a place to stay?! LoL! =)

    Absolutely wonderful shots

  7. Those are great shots! The birds do love their bread.

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