Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

It’s already that time again! This week just flew by! I didn’t actually have a chance to do this until early this morning. So here goes:

1) Love: I tried to do something a little different for this one…

2) Duplicated: The same hearts in a row:

3) Trend: This is actually I trend where I live. Making your own jewelry.

4) Paper: My sons homework…

5) Plastic: This one was easy for me! Fake plants! If it’s in my house, it will die. No matter how hard I try! Β lol

To Join in, just click this little man:


  1. Great choices for this week prompts! I especially like your jewelery shot!

  2. Your trend shot is so pretty as are the hearts in your duplicate shot. Enjoyed your set.

  3. Great set! I like how you fill the frame with each shot. Great jewellery, too!

  4. BeauFul necklace. LOL at the plants, I’m the same way.

  5. Great set! The plastic one is great idea!

  6. I really like the hanging hearts shot, and, especially, the plastic plant one! Who would know?

  7. Love them all. Beautiful interpretations.

  8. Love your love one! Sounds like a song lyric! Jewerly is such a great trend.:) Cool c apture, love the green!

  9. What a cool set. Love your Trend. Nice shot.

  10. What a great set – I really love duplicated.

  11. Love the pics… I totally love scavenger hunts!

    Hey Stopping by/following from the stalker hop!


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