Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1) Less is More…   This is my favorite Holiday Treat

2) Holiday Lights…  Our poor broken tree! It’s still leaning, even with the cast Lance and Logan put on the trunk and stand. lol

3) Ornaments…  From my moms “Santa” tree

4) Cup of Cheer… This is mine for today!

5) Nativity…


  1. Love your photos! So glad I found your blog through the Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Following now!

  2. Really great work – love your last two shots.

  3. Love the colors on the last 4 photos. Beautiful Santa and bokeh on your “cup”;)

  4. These are great! Love the Coke!

  5. These are great! Love them so much favorite is your Less is More 🙂

  6. I love your old world santa the colors are gorgeous.

  7. Our tree is a tad crooked too, but still standing! Awesome background on the Diet Coke picture! You should be working for their marketing department 🙂

  8. Wow…these were all just great!!! Love that kissy♥

  9. Beautiful photos! I love the bokeh in your diet coke can!

  10. Thanks for you comment. I love all your photos. I love the tree too, even if it is leaning.

  11. Beautiful photos for the theme. I just recently discovered this theme, so am looking forward to participating in the future.

  12. Great shots – Love Less is More and that Cup of Cheer is just my style!

  13. These are all fantastic shots. Love your cup of cheer!!

  14. Just LOVE your work! That “kiss” would be just perfect for me… looks so appetizing on the plate!

  15. That Diet Coke would be a great ad!!!

  16. We certainly are on the same page for that first shot- great set this week!

  17. the Less is More shot – oh, I can’t eat just one!

  18. I love your ornament shot and the bokeh in your cup of cheer shot is pretty sweet!

  19. I’m loving that antique looking Santa – beautiful colours.

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