Relaxing outdoors…

Today the raspberries were finally ready to pick! We filled 2 bowls. Not bad for the first harvest of the season. And they are oh so good!

After getting cleaned up, I took Taylor to Salem Pond to feed the geese and ducks… they were gone! There was only one little family there. Most of the beach had been replaced with cement that had railings with fishing pole holders on every section. As nice as it looks, I miss how it was. You could just spend hours there enjoying nature.  But that didn’t stop Taylor from entertaining himself.  Every time a boy walked by us, he would make a fart noise and try to act like he didn’t hear anything. Boys! lol

Rolling down the hills and waiting…

And this is when I caught him… lol

I’m hooking up with the Barefoot Mamas “Touch the Earth” Link-up. It’s summertime! Go outside and make a memory!


  1. Taylor is growing up! Love the water poring one. Mmm raspberries

  2. We have been picking a ton of raspberries too, love them!!

    Beautiful photos of your boy

  3. oh my goodness…such a beautiful collection of moments! ~Barefoot Mama

    ps thank you for your help, you are such a good friend!

  4. Those raspberries look so fresh! We were at the duckpond near us yesterday too. The ducks weren’t interested in eating though. Lots of other people must have fed them earlier in the day!

  5. Sweet photos, and those raspberries look delicious!

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