Project 52

This time I’m combining weeks 5 & 6! But you don’t mind, right?

The prompt for week 5 is Liquid.  Week 6 is Linear.

Week 5: water plus a couple drops of food color =

Week 6: Linear… Not a perfect picture, but a memorable one. Notice the toe of his shoe going into the groves? Total face plant! And when he landed, it scared some of the ducks hiding under the bridge. One of them was what he calls a laughing duck, because it’s quack sounds like a belly laugh. So what could have been tears, turned into him laying there laughing at the duck that was “laughing” at him, while I was trying to get him up and away from the edge of the bridge. Yikes!


  1. Two great shots!
    This “52” project sounds like fun!

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