Pinewood Derby

Let me start by saying…. too… much… yellow!! I don’t know why being around a lot of the color yellow is like fingernails down a chalkboard too me, but it is. And last night, the floor was yellow, the table was yellow, the track was yellowish, the ribbons were yellow, the papers were yellow. I had to keep walking out of the gym for a breath of fresh air. lol But enough about me!  =) Mason had a blast!! Watching him was so funny. He was so focused! He didn’t run around and goof off with the other kids. To him, it was all about putting that car on the track again.


  1. Audrey says:

    Cute car, Third place, nice! Cubscouts are good for our boys, you’re both great parents for helping him in scouts.

  2. that is a SWEET car! and your photos are amazing of course. thanks for sharing the moment

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