Our Little Spook!

I would like to officially announce that I am coming out of retirement from photography! I hope to get prices posted soon, but until then, just shoot me an email @ SimplyYouSimplyMe@gmail.com. It’s time to get photos done for your Christmas cards!

After preschool, we had a quick little impromptu visit/photo shoot at grandmas house! I didn’t even have my camera bag and reflectors! But I think they still turned out cute! And since the older boys think they have out-grown Halloween, Taylor got all of the attention! ( and most of the candy! )   😉

The mask was a last minute addition to his costume. He actually has a very light coat of light yellow face paint on, and a pale blue/gray around his mouth, which was enhanced on his lips with a blue sucker!  lol Hard to tell with the mask though. Plus half had rubbed off by then.

Gotta love it when a hawk swoops down to the house above us! It kept Taylor busy!


  1. oooh scary! And cute! 🙂

  2. That is a GREAT costume…love it! Congrats on following your heart and coming out of Retirement:)) Can’t wait to see where your photography take you! Barefoot Mama

  3. I love the looking up at the hawk one. Beautiful background! Yay, you’re back. I wish you were closer for Christmas photos!:)

  4. Love these! Kinda spooky, but brilliant!

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