Life’s Voyage!

Are you ready for it? Keep yours eyes out for a brand new kit that will hit my stores this weekend! I actually got the idea for this page when we were asked to make a page for my husbands Grandmothers birthday book. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned as I get older, it’s that Life is a journey. Where we choose to travel and where we end up are from the choices  we have made. I hope this kit reminds you to stay on course and be true to yourself. But mostly, set sail and enjoy your voyage!

And here are a couple of pages for inspiration:

by Jenn:

Life’s Voyage will be on sale for 1 week! So keep your eyes open for it!  🙂

Once it pops up you can grab it, HERE!


  1. Beachy, Love it! Great sentiment too. Gotta love Life’s journey.~

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