Leap into Spring – Rain/Water

This weeks challenge is Rain/Water. Which of course means the sun is going to be out. lol. It did rain last night though so I got a few pics. So I decided to get creative.This first photo is a picture of some daisies I took yesterday, and I combined it with a photo of rain on my window from last night. I was going for the whole looking through a window in the rain look… It kind of worked… maybe?

Anyone can join in! Just click HERE!

Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge


  1. I’m totally diggin that first shot with the double exposures. I was wondering if you had shot it through glass. Very cool effect. And your other shots are lovely as well- the composition, dof, editing… Great work girl! Thanks so much for sharing and linking to our Leap into Spring Challenge! We always look forward to your work! Have a great weekend!

  2. Audrey says:

    Love the rain overlay. Totally worked. I accidentally posted my blossom pics last week that had rain on them hehe.

  3. I really like the grass shot! The overlay in the first pictured turned out great too.

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