Lazy summer days…

You’re probably thinking… More boat pictures? But it’s how we spent our summer.  =)  School started today, and can I just say HOORAY!!! lol  The first day of school reminds me of Christmas. They know it’s coming so they drive me nuts!  lol.  Now I can get all of these posted, so hopefully I can get all of the back to school photos posted tonight or tomorrow…ish.  😉


  1. Is lance practicing synchronized swimming with his leg up out of the boat? hehe I love all the matchy likfe vests and Cocoa’s the best! Great Pictures.:)

    • lol…actually, that’s Logan! Lance is the top kneeboarding pic and the skydiver. Logan, Mason and Trevor are in the 2 photos just below that. The one on the left they went airborne. Then they started bouncing. The leg pic is right before they flew off! =)

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