He Can Fly!

Maybe not literally, but Mason loves to jump high when he shoots. Which makes for some great photo ops for mom!  🙂  Here are some of my favorite photos from the season. They may not be perfect, but they have great memories!

Here he is going up for a lay-up. I love the expressions of the boys in the background. I also used this photo for week 8 of my project 52. The prompt was “Game On!”

I’m using this next one for Shutter Sisters one word project. Feb’s was Leap.

This is Masons signature move. The swat. Sometimes he’s jumping up to deflect the ball, like in this photo,  other times he just reaches over and swats it right out of their hands. It’s so fun to watch! I would try to count how many times he did it each game. lol

So serious!

Here are some of him stealing the ball, shooting, dribbling, swatting the ball away, and just plain having fun!  🙂


  1. Go Mason! He is a champ! Awesome photos all of them. Im sure he will treasure these later! Great job!!

  2. Yes! Look at him, these are wonderful photos of him doing his best. Love it!! Hugs

  3. colleen says:

    following you back via networked blogs from the hop

  4. Those are some amazing shots!! Looks like he really has a talent for the game:)

  5. Emelina Holmes says:

    These are amazing shots of an incredibly talented Kid! Congrats!

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