Easter 2011

We were lucky enough to have a visit from my amazing in-laws for Easter! ( I am probably one of few people in this world, who can honestly say that )   lol.   But before they arrived, we had 5 families over for an Easter egg hunt. Taylor thought it was “the best party ever!” Some of the eggs had #’s in them for silly little prizes. And the grand prize was a golden egg.  And it all happened before the rain really started coming down hard. Phew!! But since I’m a little short on time, I’m just posting pictures from Saturday night.


  1. Love the easter pics. Love the night before easter note. And good thing kids don’t outgrow treats. Mine still wanted to do the egg hunt this year.

  2. Audrey says:

    You were a busy bunny! I really like the picture of Rah Rah with the boys, she is such a great grandma to them all.~

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