For those of us who have moved on into digital scrapbooking, we still have most, if not all of our paper scrap supplies!  Once a month, I host a digi-crop at my house. But this month, I pulled out my old paper scrap supplies, and we made cards too! We would make a card… go back to our computers… make some more cards… We ended up with around 20 cards! Not bad, considering we were having way too much fun to stay focused on anything! But I have to mention that one of the highlights of the night, was when a group walked in around 9:30 with red foreheads and eyebrows! They all just had their eyebrows waxed! lol And they all looked gorgeous!! All in the name of beauty, right?!


  1. Very pretty site. I have so much scrapping supplies that are just sitting in my closet. I really want to use them but just haven’t set aside the time. I really loved the fellowship I had with other friends when we scrapped together. I miss it. Everyone’s so busy that I might just have to call a time out so that we can all catch up.
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  2. I found I really missed the fellow-ship too! That’s what inspired my monthly digi-crops! We actually get alot more scrapping done. And since there’s a lot less “clutter” there’s more room for more women to come! =)

  3. How fun!! I never got into scrapbooking-I always started and then forgot to finish! 🙂

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