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Leap into Spring – Blossoms/Trees

This weeks challenge is focused on Blossoms or Trees.  All of these photos are from different days and in extremely different weather. Crazy weather! lol

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Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

Leap into Spring ~ Easter/Eggs

Since my last post was so long, and I kind of already have 2 easter posts, I decided to make this one short and sweet! This weeks prompt for the Leap into Spring Photo Challenge is Easter/Eggs. To join in, just click the button below and link up your post!

This top photo is also for Paint the Moons Project 52 – Week 13 – Look out for Curves

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Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

Project 52

I’m a little behind in getting my weekly photos posted, but here are the ones I’ve edited so far!

Week 9: Is that you Spring?

Week 10: A perfect pair

Taylor and I were off for a walk. It was a cold, dark, gloomy day. Did I mention it was snowing? lol The whole time Taylor kept asking me to take a picture of his gloves.

Week 11: Beauty in the everyday details

While I was doing laundry down in the basement, Taylor plopped himself down at the table next to the laundry room and said it was time to build up our defenses.  lol. This is right after he told me it’s almost ready for the battle.  🙂

Week 12: My favorite song

It’s “The House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. To hear it for yourself, click HERE!

Meeting with a view

This week I had the pleasure of attending a meeting with some friends, at the tabernacle in Temple Square. As an added bonus, the new City Creek Shopping Center had just opened the previous weekend! And it just happens to be right across the street from Temple Square.  I wish we would have had more time though. I would have loved to walked into Tiffany’s to see all those diamonds!  lol.  Here are some photos of the fountains that are everywhere. And then some quick photos of the temple spires as we walked out of our meeting.

And a little texture, just for fun!

Ugly – Beauty in the Unexpected

Ugly by definition means unpleasant, repulsive, unappealing and unsightly. I’m sure we could all come up with a few more adjectives to add to the list, but let’s just stick with these. =)  But is that really what you look for first, when you look at something or someone? No. I look for what’s beautiful.

To Quote Selma Hyek: “People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves.”

When was the last time you dared to look?

Today, with my camera in hand, I went for a walk along some fields, that are waiting to be tilled and planted. Along the old fences are both dead and dormant weeds, mixed in with mud from the passing storms. It was perfect! I felt like I was finding these amazing treasures that I’ve never seen anyone stop to look at.  I had one woman actually stop and ask me what in the world I was taking photos of. lol.   So I played back for her some of the photos I had just taken. The first thing she said was, “I always thought those weeds were so ugly! I never thought to take a closer look.”   This is what I showed her:

And for this weeks project 52 photo, and shoot edit submit, I’m using the first one! I hope you all have had a fabulous week!

Valentine’s Day! ~ WW

For Valentines Day this year, I decided to get creative! For the 100th day of school I kept seeing lollipop trees! And since I always get the boys Tootsie Pops to hand out for Valentines Day, I thought I would give it a whirl for Lances gift. All of the boys pitched in. Logan cut the wood and foam, and I helped the other 3 with the rest. ( note: the painted box we already had with empty CD cases in it.  I’m all for re-purposing! )  Then this morning, I made brownies for Lance to nibble on at work. But I didn’t take a photo of those since You already saw the last batch.  😉

So here’s the “tree” minus the tootsie pops that the boys have already eaten…

Then while Lance was at work, I made this for his “e-card” made with Red Hot Valentine by Dancing Princess Designs.

Poetic Winter – Solitude

This weeks prompt is Solitude. As a mother to 4 boys, those times can be few and far between. But when I do have them, even it it’s just for a moment, they can be heavenly!

Isn’t the moss pretty? There’s so much color by the water!

And here comes the snow…

This is the view from my car. The river is behind us ( to the left of the photo ). Funny how there is such a drastic change in colors, but still such a peaceful view. You can’t really see it, but the trees off in the distance, with their branches of snow and ice,  looked like they were shimmering.

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Poetic Winter Photography Challenge

Where did they go? WW

Sometimes, you just have to ask…

Soooo cold….

This afternoon, I took Taylor to the park for some fresh air. I had him good and bundled, with so many layers he was hot. But I forgot about myself! lol. By the time we walked from the car to the slides, I couldn’t feel my toes or my fingers! My camera strap cover is fuzzy on one side, so at least my neck was warm.  Taylor did have fun though. A couple of the ducks have the goofiest quacks! They sound like a loud belly laugh! So Taylor thinks they were laughing at him both times he fell down in the muddy snow, and got up each time giggling. Those ducks had perfect timing!