With the release of my newest kit, Lullaby Girl, here is a free Quick Page that I made using the kit! ( please note this is a single .png file. The cream background is not included! ) Just click the picture to grab it! Enjoy!

Soul in Bloom

Soul in Bloom is now at MyMemories and on sale! This is a collaboration kit with the talented Dancing Princess Designs! You can find it under the Designer Allstar Alliance Kits! And there are so many fun pieces you can collect! Plus, during the month of April, the Alpha pack is FREE!

Word Art Pack:

Quick Page Pack:

Another Quick Page Pack:

Artistic Mess Pack:

Cluster pack:

A fun 4×6 brag book:

A closer look at the papers:

And for the Freebie, just click the picture:

And for a little inspiration:

Club Kits!

Many of you are already familiar with My Memories club kits. But have you checked out the club kits over at 3Scrapateers? For only $4.99 a month, you get 4 new kits every month! That’s basically 3 kits for free!  And this month, I am one of the contributing designers! Here’s a peek at my kit, but to see the other 3 for April, just click HERE! All kits are compatible with the My Memories software, or as downloads for use in PS, PSE, PSP, etc…

Leap into Spring ~ Sunshine/light

Alicia, Kristi and Rebecca are back again for another fun seasonal challenge!  This round is called Leap into Spring. And for the first week, we focus is on Sunshine/light. When they annonced that this was the theme, I looked out the window and cringed! It was snowing! lol.  So I’m thinking snow is my light source here!  I did shake some snow off so it looked more spring like…  =)

And then the unexpected happened… the sun peaked out from behind those gloomy clouds, with just enough time to snap a couple pictures!

Even with a tripod, the wind was blowing a little too much. But I still love the glow in these photos.

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Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge

He Can Fly!

Maybe not literally, but Mason loves to jump high when he shoots. Which makes for some great photo ops for mom!  🙂  Here are some of my favorite photos from the season. They may not be perfect, but they have great memories!

Here he is going up for a lay-up. I love the expressions of the boys in the background. I also used this photo for week 8 of my project 52. The prompt was “Game On!”

I’m using this next one for Shutter Sisters one word project. Feb’s was Leap.

This is Masons signature move. The swat. Sometimes he’s jumping up to deflect the ball, like in this photo,  other times he just reaches over and swats it right out of their hands. It’s so fun to watch! I would try to count how many times he did it each game. lol

So serious!

Here are some of him stealing the ball, shooting, dribbling, swatting the ball away, and just plain having fun!  🙂

Poetic Winter – Passion

This weeks prompt had so many possibilities! But I decided to simply share some of my passions in life.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I always have a camera with me.  No matter what! It drives my family crazy, but I can’t help it. It’s who I am.

This little beauty belonged to my father in-law. I was sooooo excited when he asked me if I wanted it!  And I finally found someone who could work on them and had it cleaned up inside. But it still needs a part to get it working again. Hopefully someday soon!

I LOVE taking photos of my family! Unfortunately, this is what I normally see when our older boys see my camera’s out!  At least Taylor still loves to have his picture taken!

After the boys have all gone to bed, I love to curl up with a good book! On my Nook, I read at least 2 books a week. Trying to find books for my boys to read, I’ve discovered that I love young adult/teen fantasy books.  To be taken away to a place where the impossible happens helps me unwind at the end of a crazy day.  It’s not the only thing I read. I read quite a wide variety of books. But it is what I’ve been reading the most of the last couple of years.  =)

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Poetic Winter Photography Challenge

Poetic Winter – Warmth

When I think of warmth, I think of home. So today, after all the running and sports were done, I took a few snap shots throughout the day, to show you a little family warmth:

There’s something about brownies right out of the oven…

I made some hot chocolate and set it aside to cool off a little. When I came back to the kitchen to get it, one of the boys ate the whip cream off the top. lol

While I was making the brownies, I had told Taylor he had to take a nap today because he was too grumpy. So I put him on our bed where I could keep an eye on him. When I went in to check on him, I found him just like this playing on his dads ipad.  After I took the picture, he looked up at me and told me he was “resting.”   =)

Stalkers… WW

Have you ever gone somewhere, and you can’t shake this creeping feeling that you’re being followed? Like something is just lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment? And you start to hear things… like a cackle and belly laugh? And you wonder, what could possibly be hiding around the corner, that thinks stalking us is so funny?  Taylor and I peek around the corner and it’s the ring-leader with his gang, heading straight for us…

One of his henchmen:

The leader himself, giving us the evil eye, trying to make us bend to his will…

Armed only with a stick and some old crusty bread, we do what any reasonable person would do… we made a break for higher ground!

But look! He’s called in re-inforcements! They’ve spotted our treasure! ( I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see a flock of geese land next to us! )

After a huge battle, fought valiantly by Taylor, we came to a truce. We agreed to share the treasure in exchange for being in their territory. Swords were laid down, and tensions were eased.

And this is how the story was unfolding for Taylor, while we were at the park. I love his imagination!

Project 52-Week 4

I’ve been mia for a week, so now I’m playing catch-up! My awesome mother-in-law came to visit, and we enjoyed every minute of it! I have a couple of pictures from that too, but I need to finish editing them. So until then, I’m catching up my blog. =)

For PTM’s Project 52, week 4’s prompt is “unexpected perspective”…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Woo Hoo! It’s that time again! I’m loving the weekly scavenger hunts that Ashley hosts! They really make you stop and think! This week I even pulled something out that we boxed up many years ago, so that busy little hands couldn’t break it. I think it’s time they came back out! If you would like to join the scavenger hunt, just click the link at the bottom of this post! It will take you to the link up. You will also find this weeks list, as well as next weeks list. Happy Hunting!

1) Sunset: This week the storm clouds took over the skies, so I didn’t have a sunset to take a photo of. So I pulled this from the Archives.

2) Black and White: Our 5 year old. ( The only one who doesn’t run when they see the camera ) lol

3) A Day in My Life: This is how I spent yesterday. Mason did awesome! You can’t see it, but he had just snatched the ball from  way over his head.

4) Four: Our “Girls” playing out in the snow. Zoey (the lab) is trying to get Cocoa to play tug-of-war. I don’t know how these two ever got along without each other.

5)  Colorful:  And here is what we pulled back out of the closet! We bought these when we went to Mexico, back in 1998. The boys liked them a little too much, so we put them up for many years! Out of all of our major trips, these have been our favorite souvenirs!

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