Summer fun!

Once the boys arms were too tired to hold on to the raft, we deflated it and Lance rode the wake board in and was doing tricks for the boys.

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Wild Wonders

Yesterday, a bunch of us from the neighborhood took the kids to see an animal show @ Wild Wonders. It was so fun! And the instructor was amazing with both the kids and the animals!  And of course, I took a ton of pictures!  Here are my favs:

Here is the fun stage. Animals are actually hidden everywhere in it!

It was funny to see the older boys sit front and center. Think they were excited?  lol

First out to visit were all the lizards and a corn snake named Scoot!

Next up were the Sugar Gliders! They were soooo cute! And Taylor got to hold the baby and take it around for everyone to pet. I may have gone over-board on their pictures, but Taylor wanted all of them together!

Every once in a while we could hear a bird mimicking us, but we couldn’t see anything. From behind the tree, our instructor comes walking out with Cocoa! She was hilarious! She loved to say “Hi Cocoa” and bop her head up and down to answer questions.  When we first saw her I was wondering if she was an injured rescue bird, but it turns out she just has a condition that keeps her from growing feathers on her tummy and under-side.  And she LOVES boys. She even gives them hugs. lol

Our next guests were furry. This huge bunny was awesome! I’m impressed the boys could hold her!  And there was also an Angora bunny. So fluffy and pretty! Not to be mistaken for the skunk…

Last but not least was baby Maverick and his 86 pound mama. This picture of Taylor holding Maverick is my favorite!

We wrapped up the day with these two having a staring contest.

Baby Maverick – 1  /  Mason – 0


Saturday evening, before sunset, we usually color our Easter eggs. Yesterday I pull everything out and realize that I never boiled the eggs!!!  lol.  So I pull out 2 pots and get the eggs going… or at least I thought I did. I never turned on the burners. As you can imagine, once I actually got the eggs boiled and cooled, it was pretty late. Actually it was close to midnight. lol.  The boys LOVED staying up that late! So the lighting in our house at night is terrible, and my hands were too busy helping to worry about lighting for pictures, but the memories are priceless!

The line-up, waiting for the tablets to dissolve…

Project 52

I’m a little behind in getting my weekly photos posted, but here are the ones I’ve edited so far!

Week 9: Is that you Spring?

Week 10: A perfect pair

Taylor and I were off for a walk. It was a cold, dark, gloomy day. Did I mention it was snowing? lol The whole time Taylor kept asking me to take a picture of his gloves.

Week 11: Beauty in the everyday details

While I was doing laundry down in the basement, Taylor plopped himself down at the table next to the laundry room and said it was time to build up our defenses.  lol. This is right after he told me it’s almost ready for the battle.  🙂

Week 12: My favorite song

It’s “The House that Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. To hear it for yourself, click HERE!

He Can Fly!

Maybe not literally, but Mason loves to jump high when he shoots. Which makes for some great photo ops for mom!  🙂  Here are some of my favorite photos from the season. They may not be perfect, but they have great memories!

Here he is going up for a lay-up. I love the expressions of the boys in the background. I also used this photo for week 8 of my project 52. The prompt was “Game On!”

I’m using this next one for Shutter Sisters one word project. Feb’s was Leap.

This is Masons signature move. The swat. Sometimes he’s jumping up to deflect the ball, like in this photo,  other times he just reaches over and swats it right out of their hands. It’s so fun to watch! I would try to count how many times he did it each game. lol

So serious!

Here are some of him stealing the ball, shooting, dribbling, swatting the ball away, and just plain having fun!  🙂

Valentine’s Day! ~ WW

For Valentines Day this year, I decided to get creative! For the 100th day of school I kept seeing lollipop trees! And since I always get the boys Tootsie Pops to hand out for Valentines Day, I thought I would give it a whirl for Lances gift. All of the boys pitched in. Logan cut the wood and foam, and I helped the other 3 with the rest. ( note: the painted box we already had with empty CD cases in it.  I’m all for re-purposing! )  Then this morning, I made brownies for Lance to nibble on at work. But I didn’t take a photo of those since You already saw the last batch.  😉

So here’s the “tree” minus the tootsie pops that the boys have already eaten…

Then while Lance was at work, I made this for his “e-card” made with Red Hot Valentine by Dancing Princess Designs.

Stalkers… WW

Have you ever gone somewhere, and you can’t shake this creeping feeling that you’re being followed? Like something is just lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment? And you start to hear things… like a cackle and belly laugh? And you wonder, what could possibly be hiding around the corner, that thinks stalking us is so funny?  Taylor and I peek around the corner and it’s the ring-leader with his gang, heading straight for us…

One of his henchmen:

The leader himself, giving us the evil eye, trying to make us bend to his will…

Armed only with a stick and some old crusty bread, we do what any reasonable person would do… we made a break for higher ground!

But look! He’s called in re-inforcements! They’ve spotted our treasure! ( I have to admit, it was pretty cool to see a flock of geese land next to us! )

After a huge battle, fought valiantly by Taylor, we came to a truce. We agreed to share the treasure in exchange for being in their territory. Swords were laid down, and tensions were eased.

And this is how the story was unfolding for Taylor, while we were at the park. I love his imagination!

Where did they go? WW

Sometimes, you just have to ask…

Park and Project 52-wk3

I decided to combine this trip to the park with my project 52. The last photo is my main photo for the week! It’s so him! And Taylor has decided this his favorite place for the 2 of us to hang out at, while the boys are at school, and Lance is at work. This time, we were there for over 3 hours! Time flies…  =)

And now I’ve totally changed my mind about my Project 52. lol.   PTM’s prompt is “white space” so I’m using the following photo:

Now for this photo, I’m using it for Shutter Sisters “One Word Project.” It’s a monthly photo challenge. And this month, we get to pick our own word. I chose Hope to go with this next photo.:

Soooo cold….

This afternoon, I took Taylor to the park for some fresh air. I had him good and bundled, with so many layers he was hot. But I forgot about myself! lol. By the time we walked from the car to the slides, I couldn’t feel my toes or my fingers! My camera strap cover is fuzzy on one side, so at least my neck was warm.  Taylor did have fun though. A couple of the ducks have the goofiest quacks! They sound like a loud belly laugh! So Taylor thinks they were laughing at him both times he fell down in the muddy snow, and got up each time giggling. Those ducks had perfect timing!