Going home

Have you ever thought about what the phrase, “Going Home” means to you? It can mean different things for different reasons, but for me, right now, it’s coming back to my blog. Blogging is something I love to do! It’s relaxing and a form of journaling for me. This is my New Year’s resolution. It doesn’t mean it will happen everyday, but it does mean I will make a conscious effort to be more consistent. So I thought what better way than to start it with Christmas! Even though it feels like the boys spent most of their time running from the camera, I love the photos we did get!


I seriously love these stockings! We don’t have many decorations, but I do treasure what we have.


My mom spent Christmas with us. One of the gifts from her was this years puzzle! Every year we build a puzzle and have to have it completed by 12:00am New Years day or no one goes to bed! 🙂


My awesome hubby! Love him!


I love that Taylor still believes in Santa Claus! In the left photo he was watching the “Santa Tracker” until he fell asleep on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning he got exactly what he wanted!


Meet Bombur! It took Taylor exactly 3 seconds to name him. lol. Does anyone know who he named him after? Bombur is a white and cream, Russian Dwarf Hamster who has red eyes! Taylor said he was perfect!

Christmas-6Trevor and Logan opening presents from their grandparents. My present has a story behind it. For almost 3 years now, the chair at my desk has been missing a foot. So if I didn’t balance exactly right both the chair and I would end up on the floor. Although it was a good ab workout, I’m so happy to have a chair that has all of it’s feet!


If they aren’t hiding from the camera then they are making faces. The chip in logan’s mouth makes his teeth look huge!


Don’t let Cocoa’s cute “ewok” face full you! She drives me crazy!


What they do best… play games, with Emmy’s picture she drew for us in the background. Thank you Emmy!


The puzzle from grandma!


Don’t tell her we already finished it!  🙂


And finally, our proof that we attempted to take a photo for a Christmas card. I put someone else in charge of pushing the button… lol. Maybe next year! From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!


I love using word prompts to inspire photographs. This week, over on Kristi and Rebeccas Blogs, they are using the words white/minimal! And since there is nothing but White outside, I am all in! They may not be minimal, but the pictures are too fun not to use! lol. When it snows, usually Logan is in charge of getting the driveway and sidewalks shoveled. But lately he’s decided that it’s way more fun to make his brothers do it with him. Because he uses the snow blowing shovel and they use normal snow shovels…

We are getting some pretty big icicles from all of these storms!

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A Peaceful Quiet

There’s something so peaceful about watching the sun set on water. So when Taylor has way too much energy after dinner, I take him somewhere that he can run and burn it off. Then together we watch the sun set before we head back home. And usually, we head towards water.

As the sun went behind the mountain, the clouds in the sky were pink and orange. What little light was left was so pretty! I had to lighten these last 2 photos up a lot though. It was pretty dark out!

I hope everyone has a great night! 🙂

A Quiet Destination

Out for a short drive this weekend, we found this quiet little spot with thick trees and dappled sunlight, where we stopped to eat lunch. It was actually quite dark in the shade we were in. So with mouths full of sunflower seeds the boys were off to see what they could find. There were mainly bugs everywhere! Taylor actually kept grabbing his pants and pulling them up so the bugs couldn’t jump on them. The funny part is he had shorts on. lol.

Now before you scroll through these and see the last picture, how many of you can put your hand in a fist, and stick your RING finger straight up? I can’t. As a matter of fact, out of the 6 of us, only my double jointed husband can.  I know… the things we do for entertainment.  🙂

Their favorite part of lunch…

And no he is not frowning… it’s the sunflower seeds  🙂

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Summer fun!

I have to admit, I’m really missing the ocean right now. So we are spending a lot of time at the reservoir! lol.  It’s the closest thing we to a beach! In these first photos, Taylor’s expressions have been cracking me up!  He said he is trying to make “new faces.”  The photo on the top right is actually his “angry face,” with a smile. lol.  And in the top left, you would have thought they were making real snow cones the way his tongue is sticking out.  🙂

Sam had talked Gina into letting them fish, so the boys grabbed the gear and took off to the cement sides! Unfortunately, they were quick to tangle the kiddie pole.  The water this week was cooler than normal, and you can tell looking at Masons lips. They were purple.

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Water Dance

Have you ever wondered how your child could still be thirsty after spending so much time at the drinking fountain, the front of them is soaked, and they weren’t even playing in the water? lol  I was standing behind the tree next to him so he didn’t see me taking pictures. But now, I totally get it!

Here is attempt #1: It hits his upper lip, but he’s not really getting much. ( I love how the water looks in this series! )

Attempt #2: He stops to turn his hat around and tries again.  It shoots straight up his nose, then goes to the right side of his mouth so he turns it down and it hits the left side of his mouth.

Attempt #3: He stops and says to himself, “One more try.” At this point I’m trying really hard not to let him hear me laugh. lol

But he finally got it!

Then lost it for a second…

And he got it again… His shirt is soaked! 🙂

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Relaxing outdoors…

Today the raspberries were finally ready to pick! We filled 2 bowls. Not bad for the first harvest of the season. And they are oh so good!

After getting cleaned up, I took Taylor to Salem Pond to feed the geese and ducks… they were gone! There was only one little family there. Most of the beach had been replaced with cement that had railings with fishing pole holders on every section. As nice as it looks, I miss how it was. You could just spend hours there enjoying nature.  But that didn’t stop Taylor from entertaining himself.  Every time a boy walked by us, he would make a fart noise and try to act like he didn’t hear anything. Boys! lol

Rolling down the hills and waiting…

And this is when I caught him… lol

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Every time I wake up the boys and tell them to get ready to go to the reservoir, the first thing out of Mason’s mouth is, “Is Sam going?” In Mason’s eyes, life can not go on at the reservoir unless Sam is there. lol.  For Taylor, it’s Gabe. Kids are so funny!  For something different, I gave the photos a vintage/beach tint.

When we saw Mason and Sam laying in the sand like this, we ran over and snapped some pictures. Mason claims they were looking at the rocks… lol

Freedom Festival – Balloon Fest

This year for the 4th of July, I wanted to do something different! And thank you Jenn for such a great idea! I took 3 of our boys to the Balloon fest! Unfortunately for them, they had to roll out of bed at 4:30 am. lol.  But we made it!  When we got there, all the people were gathered in this huge circle, and you could see some balloon baskets sitting in the middle. So we set up our chairs between the people and a ton of trucks. After the first balloon started going up to kick off the event, all of the trucks drove away and we were surrounded by balloons being rolled out! Woo Hoo! We sat in the right spot after all! We were completely surrounded while they were going up. Taylor kept yelling how awesome it was.   🙂

I’m taking this photo while standing in between some more balloons. I was wishing I would have brought my fish eye lens…

I think my favorite part was when they blew up the Coke Bottle balloon.  It was the tallest one there and we were sitting close enough to touch it. While Trevor and Mason were watching the captains joust in the air, I took Taylor to see the inside of the Coke Balloon…

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Relay for Life 2012

This weekend, I joined hundreds of people in our community, to raise money for cancer research. It was amazing! The annual walk is made up of local teams that all have their own fundraisers. Then all the teams get together to walk all night in to celebrate the survivors, remember loved ones, and to raise money to fight back! The walk happens across the globe.  To join in the walk in your community, or to find and join a local team, just click here: Relay for Life

From left to right, Top row:  Logan and Morgan walking with the survivors.

Middle top row: The view of the front of the Opening Ceremony while we walked.  Then throughout the day, the American Cancer Society went around taking pictures of all 31 teams in action. They put those photos together as a slide show and presented it to us at midnight.

Middle bottom: Our midnight walkers.  It was awesome to see all the families and neighbors that came and walked for our team!

Bottom row:  Families would leave the names of survivors, caregivers, etc in this growing flower garden, to represent why we are all part why we are here. After the sun went down, there was a beautiful luminary ceremony to remember and honor loved ones who have passed. The entire track was lined with them. It was beautiful!

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