Secret Places

This little series is a continuation from “Black and White.” But these ones I left in color. It was so fun to see her imagination take charge! All of these photos were taken after sunset, with storm clouds, just using the remaining light in the sky. No flash. Enjoy!

Black and White

I had the CUTEST model ever this week! She had the best personality and the sweetest smile! I’m excited for her next session!

A Peaceful Quiet

There’s something so peaceful about watching the sun set on water. So when Taylor has way too much energy after dinner, I take him somewhere that he can run and burn it off. Then together we watch the sun set before we head back home. And usually, we head towards water.

As the sun went behind the mountain, the clouds in the sky were pink and orange. What little light was left was so pretty! I had to lighten these last 2 photos up a lot though. It was pretty dark out!

I hope everyone has a great night! 🙂

A New Start

I’ve got another new kit in the store! It’s called A New Start. What inspired the theme of this kit? Life in general.  🙂  It doesn’t need to be New Years Eve to set goals for yourself. To want to be a better YOU! Every day can be a new beginning. I hope this kit helps remind you of that!  A New Start is on sale through the end of the week!

Also, here are some pages from my fabulous new Creative Team! They are a talented group of women and I am so excited to have them on my team! 🙂







Creative Team Call!

A Quiet Destination

Out for a short drive this weekend, we found this quiet little spot with thick trees and dappled sunlight, where we stopped to eat lunch. It was actually quite dark in the shade we were in. So with mouths full of sunflower seeds the boys were off to see what they could find. There were mainly bugs everywhere! Taylor actually kept grabbing his pants and pulling them up so the bugs couldn’t jump on them. The funny part is he had shorts on. lol.

Now before you scroll through these and see the last picture, how many of you can put your hand in a fist, and stick your RING finger straight up? I can’t. As a matter of fact, out of the 6 of us, only my double jointed husband can.  I know… the things we do for entertainment.  🙂

Their favorite part of lunch…

And no he is not frowning… it’s the sunflower seeds  🙂

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Summer fun!

I have to admit, I’m really missing the ocean right now. So we are spending a lot of time at the reservoir! lol.  It’s the closest thing we to a beach! In these first photos, Taylor’s expressions have been cracking me up!  He said he is trying to make “new faces.”  The photo on the top right is actually his “angry face,” with a smile. lol.  And in the top left, you would have thought they were making real snow cones the way his tongue is sticking out.  🙂

Sam had talked Gina into letting them fish, so the boys grabbed the gear and took off to the cement sides! Unfortunately, they were quick to tangle the kiddie pole.  The water this week was cooler than normal, and you can tell looking at Masons lips. They were purple.

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Water Dance

Have you ever wondered how your child could still be thirsty after spending so much time at the drinking fountain, the front of them is soaked, and they weren’t even playing in the water? lol  I was standing behind the tree next to him so he didn’t see me taking pictures. But now, I totally get it!

Here is attempt #1: It hits his upper lip, but he’s not really getting much. ( I love how the water looks in this series! )

Attempt #2: He stops to turn his hat around and tries again.  It shoots straight up his nose, then goes to the right side of his mouth so he turns it down and it hits the left side of his mouth.

Attempt #3: He stops and says to himself, “One more try.” At this point I’m trying really hard not to let him hear me laugh. lol

But he finally got it!

Then lost it for a second…

And he got it again… His shirt is soaked! 🙂

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Relaxing outdoors…

Today the raspberries were finally ready to pick! We filled 2 bowls. Not bad for the first harvest of the season. And they are oh so good!

After getting cleaned up, I took Taylor to Salem Pond to feed the geese and ducks… they were gone! There was only one little family there. Most of the beach had been replaced with cement that had railings with fishing pole holders on every section. As nice as it looks, I miss how it was. You could just spend hours there enjoying nature.  But that didn’t stop Taylor from entertaining himself.  Every time a boy walked by us, he would make a fart noise and try to act like he didn’t hear anything. Boys! lol

Rolling down the hills and waiting…

And this is when I caught him… lol

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Every time I wake up the boys and tell them to get ready to go to the reservoir, the first thing out of Mason’s mouth is, “Is Sam going?” In Mason’s eyes, life can not go on at the reservoir unless Sam is there. lol.  For Taylor, it’s Gabe. Kids are so funny!  For something different, I gave the photos a vintage/beach tint.

When we saw Mason and Sam laying in the sand like this, we ran over and snapped some pictures. Mason claims they were looking at the rocks… lol