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Where did they go? WW

Sometimes, you just have to ask…

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Woo Hoo! It’s that time again! I’m loving the weekly scavenger hunts that Ashley hosts! They really make you stop and think! This week I even pulled something out that we boxed up many years ago, so that busy little hands couldn’t break it. I think it’s time they came back out! If you would like to join the scavenger hunt, just click the link at the bottom of this post! It will take you to the link up. You will also find this weeks list, as well as next weeks list. Happy Hunting!

1) Sunset: This week the storm clouds took over the skies, so I didn’t have a sunset to take a photo of. So I pulled this from the Archives.

2) Black and White: Our 5 year old. ( The only one who doesn’t run when they see the camera ) lol

3) A Day in My Life: This is how I spent yesterday. Mason did awesome! You can’t see it, but he had just snatched the ball from  way over his head.

4) Four: Our “Girls” playing out in the snow. Zoey (the lab) is trying to get Cocoa to play tug-of-war. I don’t know how these two ever got along without each other.

5)  Colorful:  And here is what we pulled back out of the closet! We bought these when we went to Mexico, back in 1998. The boys liked them a little too much, so we put them up for many years! Out of all of our major trips, these have been our favorite souvenirs!

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“Add to Circles” Widget

For those of you who did not receive my newsletter, or are just visiting my site, I thought you might like to read this:

Did you know that you can now get an “Add to Circles” Button for Google Plus? It’s fast and easy!
So I decided that it’s finally time I bit the bullet! I just replaced my Google Friend Connect Button with a new “Add to Circles” button!
To create your own Widget, just click… HERE!!!
This is what mine looks like:
I hope this helps in getting us all re-connected! Moving over from GFC to Google+ can seem a bit over-whelming,
but it should go by in a snap! Right?  lol.   😉
Hope to see you all in my Circles soon!

Park and Project 52-wk3

I decided to combine this trip to the park with my project 52. The last photo is my main photo for the week! It’s so him! And Taylor has decided this his favorite place for the 2 of us to hang out at, while the boys are at school, and Lance is at work. This time, we were there for over 3 hours! Time flies…  =)

And now I’ve totally changed my mind about my Project 52. lol.   PTM’s prompt is “white space” so I’m using the following photo:

Now for this photo, I’m using it for Shutter Sisters “One Word Project.” It’s a monthly photo challenge. And this month, we get to pick our own word. I chose Hope to go with this next photo.:



Soooo cold….

This afternoon, I took Taylor to the park for some fresh air. I had him good and bundled, with so many layers he was hot. But I forgot about myself! lol. By the time we walked from the car to the slides, I couldn’t feel my toes or my fingers! My camera strap cover is fuzzy on one side, so at least my neck was warm.  Taylor did have fun though. A couple of the ducks have the goofiest quacks! They sound like a loud belly laugh! So Taylor thinks they were laughing at him both times he fell down in the muddy snow, and got up each time giggling. Those ducks had perfect timing!

Project 52 / wk 2

I’m a little late in posting this, but time seemed to get away from me this week! But here is a picture from week 2. Lance was showing the boys he’s still got it!  lol

Memories, Dreams and Reflections

To start the New Year, I thought summing up 2011 would be the perfect thing! So I decided to participate in Memories, Dreams and Reflections, with Ashley Sisk. She has a list of 25 things to find in our photos from 2011. It’s open until the 15th! Here’s what I came up with:

1) Me – Let’s just say, I’m never in front of the camera! Always behind it. If it wasn’t for Gina snapping this of me when we were walking to our  cars, I wouldn’t even have this one. lol.  I did crop out one of my boys though. He wasn’t part of the prompt. 😉  What I’m most proud of accomplishing in 2011? They actually aren’t my accomplishments but my boys. My life revolves around all 5 of them! ( I’m including my hubby as one of the boys ). I such a proud mom and wife!

2) I Love You: A photo of my hubby, doing what he loves to do.

3) Still Laughing: There are too many to chose from, so I let the boys pic this one. The older ones said Not Me! And Taylor said, Pick Me! So Taylor it is! This was Taylors first day at the park this year. He was begging me to go! So as soon as it was warm enough, we went. And he spent almost the entire time spinning in circles on this thing, trying to get as dizzy as possible.

4) Winter Wonderland: This was a storm from mid-April. The picture was in between storms. This is half of our backyard. We lost 6 trees that day.

5) Birthday: Mason turns 10!

6) Friends: These 2 will get into so much trouble together when they’re teenagers!  lol

7) I Was Inspired: After reading the Friday Night Knitting Club series, I had to learn!

8) Spring Fever: For mothers day I got some potted flowers for the back porch.

9) Travel or Vacation: A trip to the cabin means lots of fishing! Logan caught dinner. 🙂

10) Summer Days: Lance learned how to kneeboard before the boys did!

11) A Day in My Life: My life revolves around my boys. And 6 months out of the year, we are consumed with football. Trevor is #60. This is one of many tackles he made.

12) All Smiles: Trevor had just finished football practice and came and sat next to us to watch Masons football game. He’s laughing because we were down wind of him…

13) Autumn Harvest: this is the collage of highlights from the Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

14) Family or Home: A picture that I took of our boys on Christmas Eve, with my broken camera, wishing I had my main camera back from Nikon. But at least I got this one of them!

15) Celebrate!: Taylor at preschool graduation, waiting for the program to start. He was nervous about singing his solo because he was sick, and his voice was gone. But he croaked it out! lol.  I cried. =)

16) Let’s Do It Again!: This was Taylors first trip to the zoo! He LOVED it!  One of our favorites was this young giraffe that was very interested in us!

17) I Miss You: It’s been a couple of years since I’ve seen my dad. I hope to change that this year! Miss you dad!

18) Beautiful: Our newest addition. Isn’t she a beauty?

19) Dress Up: Halloween, of course!

20) Macro: It tried to run away 😉

21) Holidays: My bff during the holidays. lol

22) My Favorite: Our boys walking through the woods with their grandpa

23) Don’t Ever Change: Not the best photo, but a sweet memory. He’s the only one of our boys, that’s not afraid to tell me he loves me in front of people. He wants them all to know!

24) Just Because… So There!: Did you ever play frogger as a kid? Whenever I go to my moms house that game pops into my head. Just replace the frogs with peacocks, and I’m driving one of the cars!  They sure are pretty though!

25) Hopes and Dreams: My hopes and dreams change as life grabs us the horns. As long as we always land on our feet, and we’re together and happy, what more could I hope for? Although this summer, When Logan graduates High School, life will change for all of us. Both scary and exciting! Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

Project 52/week1 – WW

How many of you have tried to do Project 365 and finished? Not me! lol So I’m giving Project 52 a whirl! I’m joining Annie of Paint the Moon Photography for this one! Here’s her Project 52 Flickr Group if you would like to give it a go!

Here is my photo for week one. We were out for a walk by grandmas house, and Taylor kept sitting down for breaks because he was so cold. He didn’t want me to take his picture either, but I got half a smile for this one!