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Katherine’s Crew

I got the pleasure of photographing this adorable family last week! Here’s my favorite photo of the day, followed by a couple of collages, with highlights from their session!

Shades of Autumn – Finale!

The Shade of Autumn photo challenge has come to an end. So to wrap things up, I put together a collage of my favorites. Thank you to Alicia, Kristi and Rebecca for hosting such a fun challenge! I can’t wait to see when their next challenge will be! To check out favorites from the others, just click on the button at the bottom of this post!  =)

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Shades of Autumn – White!

I was so looking forward to this weeks theme! Since snow is covering the ground, I knew I would have plenty of options! So I decided to use Ice. In every photo except the last, everything is frozen.  To join in the challenge, just click the button at the end of this post! Anyone can join!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Still young at heart!

How cute are these two? When I was asked if I would take their “mug shots” for a Christmas card, how could I refuse? I wish we could have had the water in the photos! But there are so many floating Christmas decorations in it, that we had to skip it. Here’s just a “peek” of their session. Don’t want to ruin their Christmas cards! lol  😉

Retiring as a digi-scrap designer…

I have an important announcement! After November, I will no longer be designing digital scrapbook kits! Now that our boys are older, I will be back to focusing on photography full time! =)    So as a final farewell, “Remembered” is now available @ GDS as my final kit! Also, to celebrate coming back as a full time photographer, everything in my Shoppe is 50% off! ( excluding some collabs ).  Note: All of my product will be retiring, and no longer available after November 30th!

It’s been a fun adventure, but I am not completely dis-appearing from the digital scrapbooking sites!! You will still see me in digi-land getting my “scrap” fix!  😉

Here’s a preview of Remembered and some beautiful pages from my CT.

Shades of Autumn – Brown

For this weeks shades of Autumn, I thought I would try something different! Have you ever set up your camera on a tripod, to take a picture of the same thing, at 2 different times of day? Creating 2 very different photos? That’s what I did this week! The first photo of each of these were taken before sunrise. The second photos of each I put the camera back on the un-moved tripods, and took just before the sun set.  It’s amazing how different the colors are in these!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Shades of Autumn – Purple

As I’m going through all of these amazing posts for the purple challenge, I am thinking I had to pass this one because everything is covered in snow. But then I cam e across Kristis’s post! That’s when I realized I have some purple photos from summer! I know we are supposed to use new photos, but this is all I have. lol  So if you’ve seen the last 2 before, just ignore them. 😉  To link up, just click the button at the end of the post!

Shades of Autumn Photo Challenge

Our baby isn’t a baby any more…

Time goes by so fast! I can’t believe Taylor is already 5! The weather report said another snow storm was coming through today, so yesterday I took Taylor to the park, just to get out and stretch our legs. Here are some pics from our outing:

Our Little Spook!

I would like to officially announce that I am coming out of retirement from photography! I hope to get prices posted soon, but until then, just shoot me an email @ It’s time to get photos done for your Christmas cards!

After preschool, we had a quick little impromptu visit/photo shoot at grandmas house! I didn’t even have my camera bag and reflectors! But I think they still turned out cute! And since the older boys think they have out-grown Halloween, Taylor got all of the attention! ( and most of the candy! )   😉

The mask was a last minute addition to his costume. He actually has a very light coat of light yellow face paint on, and a pale blue/gray around his mouth, which was enhanced on his lips with a blue sucker!  lol Hard to tell with the mask though. Plus half had rubbed off by then.

Gotta love it when a hawk swoops down to the house above us! It kept Taylor busy!