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Have you checked out the Supreme Team contest going on at GDS? Escape was used for Round 3!  It is my newest collab with Dancing Princess Designs!

Escape will give you all the tools you need to create pages about your vacations, romantic getaways, dreams, and more! Escape is now available at both my GDS and Sun shoppes!
Here’s a quick look, and some beautiful pages from Sun’s amazing CT, and GDS’s Supreme Team contestants!

Quick note: The Supreme Team contest is in the final Round!! And there’s a cheering contest! Comments made June 22nd thru Monday morning June 27th eastern will be tallied.
The person making the most comments on ANY layouts in the gallery, not just the Supreme Team contestant layouts will win Studio4 Design Works Live For Weekends kit! It’s the kit the round 4 contestants are using for the contest!!

By Leia

By StacieMac

By briarwoodpups

By Olivia

By Mary

By Angelclaud

They turned white!!

Under our bedroom window, I planted 4, deep purple lilac bushes. But this year, they turned white! There is still a slight purple/pink tint to them, but they totally changed color on me! And I have no idea why. lol  I had to really saturate the color of the flowers, to see any color in them. Could it be all the extra rain/snow this year? If anyone out there knows, please educate me!  I just want to know if they will ever be that lovely purple again.  =)

Wordless Wednesday ~ 6/8/10

Wordless Wednesday!

New Templates in the shoppe, and a Challenge!

Can you believe it’s already summer? With vacations, BBQ’s, swimming, whatever your summer might bring, I have released a new set of templates that are perfect for showcasing all of your photos! Templates 116 and 117. Also, during the month of June, Template 117 is the 365 Challenge template, at GDS! You can jump in on the challenge HERE

Here are the previews, along with some pages created from Sunshine Studios Sweeties! Followed by another new Release…. =)

by Lisa:

by Petra:

And now for my next Release…

I love to blog! But found myself needing a faster way to post multiple pictures, and
still have it look clean and organized, for those days when I don’t have time to scrap.
So I made myself some templates, and Love them!!
And if I ever want to slurp my blog into a book, it’s all ready to go! I won’t have to organize all of the pages!
After I made 3- 4 posts on my blog, using my templates, I started getting e-mails requesting them.
So I bundled up all 10 of them, and I’m releasing the first kit today!
Here’s a quick preview. And to see pages where I used this kit, Just click on the link above called “Family Life.”
The bundle is 30% off through Sunday!!
All Templates are available @ both Sun and GDS

Let’s get blogging!!

Sunshine Studio Scraps turns 3!

Just click HERE!