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Some water damage

So what happens when you walk downstairs to find water raining down from the ceiling??  You get to remodel the kids upstairs bathroom!! Woo Hoo!!  Unfortunately, after having a toilet that has been apparently leaking (badly) for a while, we had some mold growing under the bathroom tile. The good news is the framing, etc. under the bathroom floor, going down to the basement, was all good! It just needed to dry out and get some mold inhibitor put on it. So after tearing out, repairing, and preventing anything else from growing, the new floor went in!! Next step, fix the walls and paint!  The work lamp is actually putting a yellow hue on everything. The old wall color was a deep sage green. The new color is like caramel. The new 7″ baseboards and door casing, I’m painting a black/brown color.  Love it!!  I’ll post the completed bathroom in a week!

Soul in Bloom – Papers

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Soul in Bloom – Word Art

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Soul in Bloom – Elements

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Soul in Bloom

I’m so excited to announce that I have had the privilege of creating this beautiful, Spring inspired collab, with Dancing Princess Designs!

Soul in Bloom is available in a Paper Pack, an Embellishment Pack, and a Word Art Pack! Or for a little savings, you can pick up the Bundle!

And here are some beautiful pages, created by both Creative Teams!

Wordless Wednesday!

Blog Hop!

This week, I’m jumping in on a Blog Hop! If you haven’t tried one yet, give it a whirl! I have found some amazing blogs out there! This hop is hosted by the blog: Retail Therapy Lounge. To join the hop, click HERE!


tears for Zombies…

You might be wondering…why the tears? Well, let me explain how my day started. After our 3 older boys were all off to school, Taylor and I finished getting ready for the day. Next was breakfast.  After Taylor refused to eat anything for breakfast, I moved on to dishes and the kitchen. While I’m cleaning, Taylor is zooming through the house battling and sword fighting anything and everything. I then go into my office and pull out the vacuum.  When I start vacuuming the rug in the living room, Taylor starts screaming!! So I shut it off and ask him what happened? What’s wrong?  He just plops himself on the couch and starts crying, not speaking to me. He won’t talk. So I put a blanket over him and went back to vacuuming. When I was finished, Taylor was a basket case! When I finally got him to settle down, he finally told me what’s wrong.  In his morning “battle” while I was cleaning the kitchen, he said he was beating up all the Zombies he could find. Apparently I vacuumed up these dead zombies…. along with the “orcs” that were hiding in the other room, that he was planning on battling next.  lol When I laughed, it started melt down #2…. Let’s just say, after finally getting some toast and cottage cheese down him, he got an early nap!  😉

Love this book!

After looking at the cover, you might think…ummm…okay…. But I am a mom to 4 boys, who love books, stories and games like this. So when I find a book that I know they will read, we all win! And this book is great for all ages!  And a very fast read! It’s all about a boy who always dreamed of another life. And all of a sudden, he is whisked away to his first real adventure, where everything he believed was only in stories, is real. And to survive, he must believe it all!

365 / 52 Bonus Template!

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