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Wordless Wednesday ~ March 30th

The completed bathroom

The remodel of our younger boys bathroom is finally complete!! We still need to have the giant hole in the basement ceiling repaired from the water damage, but hooray!! The bathroom’s done!! And the boys love it! They do think the mirror is kind of cheesey, but I love it! lol  And for future reference, the shower rods that have the new and improved, flat, rubber ends are horrible!! They just slide down the wall and fall, in their tightest position. I went through 3 sets! lol   That’s how I ended up with this color of rod. They were the only ones I could find that did not have those white, rubber circles on the end. But it’s close enough! Our awesome neighbor is the person who “rescued” our bathroom. He did an amazing job!

Here are the finished pictures:

Shadows of Spring – Word Art

Shadows of Spring

I have just released this fun new kit, to celebrate the joy and warmth of Spring! You can find it in my shoppe HERE! On sale now, for a limited time!

Word Art sold separate!


Wordless Wednesday – 3/23/11

Did you shoot the moon?

Did you know that the moon is the closest it’s been to the earth in 20 years? If you didn’t take a picture today, try tomorrow! Where I live, it’s been raining and too cloudy. We didn’t even get a peek!  If you’ve never tried to take a picture of the moon, here are some great pointers on MCP Actions FB page.  To find out your “Moon Rise” time, here’s the link to enter your location: Almanac .  And here’s a picture taken tonight, by  Victoria Ward.  I love the detail she captured!  Hopefully the clouds will clear out enough for us to get a picture tomorrow. Great Shot Victoria!!

One Day Sale!!!

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Wordless Wednesday – 3/16/11

Pure Joy

Due to Taylors Immune System, we don’t go to the park as often as we would like to. But after 5 months of not being able to really play outside, we accepted Ginas offer to meet them at the park! Taylor loved it!! He didn’t stop moving until it was time to go. And I’m thinking “picture time!” It didn’t really work out that way for me. lol   He wouldn’t slow down. His favorite thing there, is what he calls the spinning flower.  Endless giggles and squeals! The look on his face was pure Joy! Luckily, that night and the next day, he didn’t get as sick as the last time he went to the park! Woo Hoo!  Some day he’ll get his immunity up there! At least it’s getting better!