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Blue and Gold Dinner

It was once again time for the annual Blue & Gold dinner for Scouts. They had tons of contests throughout the whole night, to keep all of the boys busy! The first picture was when the scout master pulled out a large, pink boa!  lol  After all of the giggling settled down, he plucked a feather for each of the boys. The goal…. keep it in the air! They had to keep their  hands behind their backs, and they could only use their heads.  Mason won this one!! His feather even split in 2. lol   The second picture was his reaction when they announced he won the “pink boa” contest. lol  And the last picture was actually Masons favorite. ( mainly because it was edible ).  But they had to sit on the ground, with hands behind their backs. Then a cookie was placed on each of their foreheads. They had to try to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth. And they could only use their face! lol  Lots of fun for the boys, and lots of laughs for the parents!!


For those of us who have moved on into digital scrapbooking, we still have most, if not all of our paper scrap supplies!  Once a month, I host a digi-crop at my house. But this month, I pulled out my old paper scrap supplies, and we made cards too! We would make a card… go back to our computers… make some more cards… We ended up with around 20 cards! Not bad, considering we were having way too much fun to stay focused on anything! But I have to mention that one of the highlights of the night, was when a group walked in around 9:30 with red foreheads and eyebrows! They all just had their eyebrows waxed! lol And they all looked gorgeous!! All in the name of beauty, right?!

Game On!


Beauty can be found in the smallest places… but only if you’re looking


Knitting 101

I used Gina’s fun Everyday Life Template!

XOXO WordArt!

XOXO Papers!


This is a fun and eclectic collaboration with Gina Huff of Weeds and Wildflowers Design! We had a blast putting together this kit! I hope you all love it as much as we do! It’s perfect for scrapping pictures of loved ones and all of your special moments!  Here are the previews and a gorgeous page made by Gina!  It’s now in the shoppe for 20% off!